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artwork Murals • Star Wars Mural (Residence)

Star Wars Mural (Residence)

So, I’ve had to compromise lately. My good friend G and her husband are two such people. It was quite the honor to be asked to paint their nursery, especially for their first child. The catch…it had to be Star Wars themed. At first, I was a little disappointed. After talking with them and brainstorming, I was totally pumped about this mural. This couple decided not to play it safe, which I am thrilled about.
What we decided:
Star Wars done in Sawyer’s style. Incorporate a variety of ships and/or characters. Keep it sketchy, like an old school comic. Use a limited color palette.
Most of the work on will be done after finishing a full day at work, so it moved slower than I would have liked, but the process was super fun. After many nighttime painting sessions, it is finally done. Boba Fett G’s nursery was ready to roll, just in time for his arrival. Super fun gig for incredible people.

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