blogReunited with The Dookster

April 10, 2015

One more day and he would have gone feral.

Wonton, Little Won, Stinky Pete, Mr. Moo,The Dookster. No, that isn’t a list of all of my pets, it is a list (not a comprehensive one) of the names I have for my single kitten. His given name is Wonton, he has an infinite amount of nicknames and a (well maybe two) very special title(s) Sawyer’s Best Buddy in the World and Most Handsome Kitten in the History of the Universe. He’s been with me for about 12 years and has been by my side during my highest highs and my lowest lows, never getting upset or judging, just demanding love ALL THE TIME. Although he’s probably the sweetest cat ever, he is much like his best human buddy. When things don’t make sense or are much more difficult than they have to be, he gets crabby. So, when a tooth infection, surgery, medicine, diet change and human buddy being gone a lot happened, he was super crabby.

About a month ago, I was in the middle of a big project and wasn’t home much. The Dookster usually gets a bit cranky with me when I’m gone a lot, but it’s short-lived because he NEEDS petting. (No exaggeration, I think he would learn to pet himself or train the dog if humans weren’t around) Mid-project, I noticed he wasn’t eating as much. Then a few days later his face swelled up. Vet gave the “could be cancer or a tooth infection” diagnosis. Luckily, after a number of other vet visits, it was found to be his tooth. Only downside was that he was going to have to have surgery. Seeing as how he is so attached to me, I knew he was going to be extra mad about this. How mad exactly, I couldn’t have anticipated.

He bounced back from surgery quickly. By day 2, he was fighting full strength to avoid medicine and back at being an escape expert. Prior to sickness, he had gotten pretty good at escaping through the front door when people came in and out. He had earned the name Shadow Cat. When he would run out, we would find him chewing on grass, never leaving the yard. The night before his tooth check-up, I needed to vacuum, which he has always hated. When I started the vacuum, he didn’t run like normal, he gave me a hate stare, which was new. I think he was extra angry about the medicine and the fact that I had to change his food because of a newly diagnosed thyroid issue, the vacuum must have pushed him over the edge. Later that night, I went to feed him but he didn’t come. I looked in every hiding spot, in the cabinets, behind the dryer, in the closet, even triple checked the freezer just in case he was accidentally shut in. Then I realized Shadow Cat was gone. Middle of the night, I was searching for a black cat…impossible. I was devastated.

The hunt for Mookie became a family and friend effort. After two days of handing out flyers, posting lost cat info to Facebook and scouring the neighborhood, we found him. We found him just in time too, because that little guy was close to feral. He ran from us in hid in a sketchy shed in someone’s backyard, hissing and growling at us. I knocked on their door to let the residents know we were in their yard. (Can’t be too careful with Florida gun laws and all.) They were kind enough to give me some cat treats, which worked like a charm. He can’t resist treats! I’m so thankful to have family and friends that understand how much I love the little dude and are willing to search day-in and day-out. Oh, and I’m pretty pumped to have my snuggle buddy back. He’s thrilled to be back with his family too.


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