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January 09, 2016

100+ Moleskine Postals at Tempus Projects

Tempus Projects selected 100+ artists to fill pocket-sized Moleskine Postal Notebooks.
For those who are unfamiliar, the Moleskine Postal Notebook, is an 8-page, roughly 5x7 inch hybrid of sketchbook, journal and greeting card.

For the project, I chose to create a small book of pen and ink illustrations exploring some of the pessimistic social views I have floating around in my head. For a long time, I have felt as if I had been born in the wrong time. I don’t understand what motivates most people my age, I don’t seem to find the same things relevant or interesting and I often find it frustrating. I joke that I have been in my 60’s mentally since childhood and my spirit is from another time. With those views in tow, I illustrated a book titled Pulled From the Mind of a Cynic. A pretty straightforward title, I thought. The illustrations are titled as followed:

The Age When Hooters and Ass Reign Supreme
This one deals with the propensity for women these days to put it all out there. I’m not a prude, but ladies, we are more than just the size of our ass and chest. Exercise if you want to be healthy, do Yoga if you want to relax…but, PLEASE, for God’s sake, stop the constant show and tell (unless it’s your job). When you’re out in your Fabletics, let the other ladies in the bathroom wash their hands before you check the roundness of your rear end in the mirror or take a pre/post/fake workout selfie. We’ve got other business to attend to. And yes, this has happened to me on multiple occasions. I’m all for being proud of yourself, but at some point it becomes vanity and bragging. Oh, and dudes aren’t off the hook either, I just didn’t have enough room in the book.

The Ability to Forever Spot a Rat is a True Gift
A tribute to instinct. Many people crap on instinct and push it off as fear, cynicism or paranoia. I truly believe in instinct and that if a person has a deep understanding of herself, she can trust that instinct. Even though I understand what makes me tick and am honest with myself, I have a difficult time differentiating between instinct and paranoia. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better at it, especially with people. I pick up on energies quite well and I can tell if someone has motives other than what it being vocalized. I’ve slipped a few times, but I always knew in the beginning that there was something amiss,  I just didn’t use instinct’s lifelong counterpart, TRUST. Having that instinct is a blessing and a curse. It protects me, but it can be isolating sometimes. This illustration symbolizes my undying relationship with instinct. The lion skull relating to my zodiac sign and my third eye keeping an eye out when my other 2 have been blinded.

For Guaranteed Like, Here’s a Surefire Attention Grabber
This was a silly little number based on social media and a seeming desperation for likes, especially involving kids. I hear it at just about every event I go to. Adults trying to take a picture, kids bickering, adults yelling “Stop.Turn here. Smile. Look here. Smile.”. Here’s the deal, if you have to tell a person to smile, they probably aren’t legitimately happy at that moment or don’t want their picture taken. Smiles are natural when one is happy. That is why I prefer candid photos because they typically give a more honest depiction of what a person is feeling. Life isn’t perfect and it’s not a constant photo shoot. But, there is this push to have the image of perfection portrayed on the internet, especially in regards to children. As long as little Johnny is smiling in the photo, it gives the illusion of perfection and no one will know he was kicking Suzie in the shin 2 seconds after the photo. A child could be neglected most of the time, but as long as she is showing those pearly whites at the birthday party, no one is wise to it. So, I thought of what would get more attention than a kid forced to smile…A two-headed baby, no body, just neck. One juggling with his devil hands and the other blowing fire. Now that’s an attention grabber and no real work necessary.

Everything Would be Easier If Pulling Teeth Were Easier
Sometimes it seems like everything is more difficult than it should be and I find myself saying “It’s like pulling teeth” to every other task in my life. I imagined what would happen if pulling teeth was easier and holy crap…EVERYTHING WOULD GET EASIER! At least if I continued using the phrase.

Although not much bigger than your average postcard, the little bugger posed some challenges. For one, the paper was fairly thin and crinkled easily. NERD ALERT...I ironed all of my pages prior to submitting it. Wanting to use only the paper provided rather than gluing pages in, I had to take extra care when using drawing pens. Stippling left indentations on opposite pages, but I found the texture pleasing, so I didn’t stress about it. Raised dots were WAAAY better than ink bleeding through. Then, there were the seams. I wanted to create images that spanned across consecutive pages, rather than separate images on each page. The organizing center of my brain had a pretty hard time with that. To relax that portion of my mind, the creative side made a hand-sewn book cover that carried a seam around the book’s perimeter, making the seam appear less intrusive in each composition and tying it in with the rest of the mailer. 


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