blogGoing back to the basics

May 23, 2014

Well, maybe not as basic as I used to go.

I’ve been working with paint and colored pencils for some time now, with the occasional ink and watercolor number mixed in here and there. I enjoy the way I work, but I also like getting back to basics, just drawing. It’s rare that I am asked to do a greyscale pencil drawing, so when I recently had the request, I was a little nervous and pretty excited. The nerves stemmed from feeling out of practice. I sketch every now and again, but I have’t done a strictly drawn piece since college. My excitement was from knowing this would be another opportunity for learning and growing.

Well, I did learn a valuable lesson. For years, probably since high school, I swore by the #2 pencil and Ebony combo. Those two pencils and an eraser, that’s all I ever needed to complete a drawing. I think this policy stemmed from not liking clutter or mess. Fewer tools = less mess = I could relax. For this particular drawing, I broke. My ebony wouldn’t sharpen and my number #2 just seemed too rough, so I busted out a set of real-deal drawing pencils. I had gone from two pencils to a box of 12. All in all, I only ended up using about 5, but it was way easier than using the 2. My 8B was smoother than the Ebony and seemed to produce a darker shade. Although my stubborn side was a little disappointed with this change, my logical side was ecstatic. The chances of reverting back to my old ways are slim. So, for all that say I’m hard-headed and stubborn, you are correct, but I do know when I’m wrong.


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