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September 02, 2016

Hey, horoscope! You can’t read nothin’.

I’m a slightly superstitious lady and look for signs everywhere. Day-in and day-out, I am trying to find some hidden message in the world around me or in my dreams. This tendency can be amusing, sometimes enjoyable and occasionally nerve rattling. It can make or break a mood or a moment. I can be motivated by a supposed sign or paralyzed by it. Luckily, I have the other half of my brain that runs on intense logic to talk me down during those paralyzing moments. I’ve also got some solid folks in my corner who will shake me into the real world if I get too lost in my magical, mystical mind.

When I’m dealt a new project, this part of my personality doesn’t take a break. NO! In fact, it is often amplified. My Red Bull cooler for Creative Block is a case in point. I was hesitant to take on the task, mainly because my psychic abilities foresaw the surface being a Sawyer stressor. Give me canvas, give me wood, give me something with grit, but please don’t give me something slick like metal. Upshot was it was primed, which was a time-saver and made the job seem a little less daunting…at first. Upon returning home from picking up my beautiful box of metal, my inbox had an interesting little note in it. This was a super special note, an art horoscope with a perfectly timed delivery. The horoscope basically told me NOT to attempt creating anything with the hopes of it turning out well, because it won’t. I would, in fact, fail spectacularly. Now, I wasn’t aiming for masterpiece level here, but this astrological forecast was enough to shake me a bit. Then, I looked at the name of the event. Creative Block, how fitting when examining my mood and monthly creative horoscope. I was panicking! It was set, my cooler was going to suck and there was NOTHING I could do about it. Leo’s creative fate for August had been determined.

Enter solid folk(s) as mentioned above and I’m all square:
I voiced my superstitious concerns to one of my strongest allies, to which he replied, ‘You know someone just gets paid to write those things?. Of course I did, but I’m also a believer in psychic ability. Having a bit of it myself, I can’t deny it’s existence.

Cue logical side of brain:
It occurred to me that even though there are people with psychic ability, the likelihood of this particular publication employing a real-deal psychic to write monthly forecasts was slim-to-none. AND I could breathe again! (Funny thing, this whole thought process occurred in less time than it would have taken to read this post. Yeah, that’s my super-speed brain.)

With my ability to breathe being regained, I was armed with a new sense of ‘it will all be ok’. Rather than let an email dictate my fate (Yes, yes I could have let it take me over. Signs are real, I just trusted my gut here. Gut called BS.), I chose to give that horoscope the middle finger and prove I wouldn’t fail spectacularly. I used this whole hyped-up horoscope stress/doubt session as inspiration for the imagery of my cooler design.

The crystal ball is a pretty obvious psychic reference. Within the ball, there is a lion skull, a reference to my zodiac sign. It’s a dead lion, symbolic of Leo’s forecasted fate in art making. Above the ball, there is a pupil-less eye which is a reference to that negative horoscope, suggesting that the writer’s mind’s eye may be blind. Obviously they couldn’t see anything because there was no way I was going to fail. On the left and right sides of the box there are flowers that represent good luck, persistence, productivity and female ambition. On the left side, there is a curled fish and on the right, an owl, while on the front there are the iconic “yes”, “no” and “goodbye” of the Ouija Board. These two elements relate to my own personal habit of reading too much into so-called signs. From Fortune Teller Fish, to mood rings, from Ouija Boards, to spotting an owl, I will find meaning in it. I have forever and always thought “What if the universe is trying to tell me something?”, even if it’s through a toy, a piece of cheap jewelry or a visit from nature. Hey, it could happen. The universe works in many mysterious ways, right?

I’m pleased with how the cooler turned out, even though this took way longer than I wanted it to. But, as my mom always says “Shit in one hand, want in the other”. No matter what I WANTED, I KNEW it was going to be a long process. After all, the signs and my psychic ability kind of called it ahead of time.


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