blogWake Art Open Piece…The Unidactyl Saga Part 1: The Quest for Ultimate Life

July 04, 2012


My first stab at answering “What give you wings?” and I go all out.

For the RedBull Wake Art Project, each artist had to create a piece based on the theme, “What Gives You Wings?” and write a short explanation of his/her work. Well, I wrote my explanation. Here it is, in all its glory:

“What Gives You Wings?”...That is a very broad question, for me anyway. In my search for the answer, I first had to define what it means to have wings. When something “gives me wings”, it causes me to have the following reactions: I will recognize potential and make the most of it. I will be driven to take on new opportunities and posses the courage to take chances. My creative energy is at its peak. Most importantly, I will be motivated to give every ounce of effort my body can afford.
There are many things that cause the above mentioned reactions in me. To give a short, summative, answer to “What Gives Me Wings?”, I would have to answer…life. Life itself is filled with limitless potential, infinite inspiration, and I give it maximum effort. How did life inspire my piece? Every element in my piece represents something in my life. It is a figurative record of things that give me small wings. Together, they represent one gigantic set of wings; the set that living life to the fullest gives me.

So, living life to the fullest gives me wings, and each element has meaning…but what exactly does each part mean? Well, here’s the breakdown:

The unicorn and pterodactyl:
Those two creatures represent the two sides of my personality. The pterodactyl is the tough, nothing gets to me, take no crap from anyone side of my personality. Then you have the unicorn side, which is seen a little less, but when it comes out it has a strong presence. This is the girly, hopeless romantic (don’t tell cause it’s a secret), person that giggles when a cute animal crosses her path. Now, these two sides are not opposing sides. They work together quite well. They keep me real. The pterodactyl keeps the unicorn from daydreaming her life away, while the unicorn keeps the pterodactyl from being too cynical and angry. It’s a pretty remarkable combo. One I am very proud to posses.

The eggs:
The eggs being shot out from the pterodactyl are eggs of positivity. It’s a metaphor for how I approach my days. Whenever I am dealt a negative, I try to throw some positive at it. That bit of positivity then gives birth to more positivity. My daily goal…to hatch eggs of positivity all around me and watch it spread.

The bacon:
I don’t eat ham or pork, but I will devour some bacon. In my world, it is its own category of meat. In my piece, bacon represents greatness. It represents all of my goals and dreams. It represents knowing what you want and going for it. My two sides (unicorn and pterodactyl) are going completely bacon.

The landscape:
Chocolate cake mountain and a cafe con leche river, complete with a geyser shooting out the caffeinated goodness. These two delicious treats are staples in my diet. Pretty sure I could eat and drink my weight in the stuff. They aren’t just present because I adore them and they represent the life source of all things of greatness. They represent living life and allowing yourself to enjoy each moment to the max, even the smallest moments… like eating a piece of cake or drinking a great cup of coffee. No joke, I grin endlessly when one or both of these is around. I even wiggle, which is a sign that Sawyer is in heaven.

Kittens blowing bubbles:
A fact in Sawyer’s world, kittens and bubbles erase troubles. I challenge anyone to be angry or sad while kittens and or bubbles are within sight. No matter what has upset me, one or both of these things can rid me of the negative feelings. Although it may only be briefly, it still works. I even carry a small bottle of bubbles in my purse, just in case myself or someone else is in need of some attitude uplifting. And yes, it works! It has been tested a number of times. So, in this scene of life, the kittens blowing bubbles are guardian angels for the unicorn and pterodactyl.

The double six domino:
I am a woman of many mottos and catch phrases. People make fun of me, then I hear them using the phrase later on. It’s ok, positivity takes a while to catch on. One of my mottos is, “Bring your ‘A’ game, every time”. Another version of that is “throw down your double six”. The double six being the highest domino tile, it means the same thing as “A game” least in my dictionary.  Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, it just means give your best effort no matter what the situation.

Last, but definitely not least, Lamont:
Lamont all started because the wakeboard was so large, I sort of adopted it as my child. And, I always thought I would model my parenting style after that of Fred Sanford if I ever did have a child. As I went on adventures with Lamont, I started thinking about what he really represented. My art is my child. It is something completely of me. Each piece has a part of me in it. It is my legacy…minus dirty diapers. So, Lamont came to represent my child, my art, my legacy. In this piece, “my child” is telling the story of how I live life…my legacy, sharing my legacy.


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